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The Hump Ep. 11 Date Night

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The Hump! Podcast

Hosts/Producer: Brent Bowen and Chad Beland
Production Assistant: Paige Rome — prome (at) sparkcade (dot) com

We’re excited you’re joining us for a show! Expect us to ask you a few open-ended  questions and share a laugh or two. Here are instructions on how to best connect. To provide a better experience for listeners and guests, please note and follow these guidelines:

The Hump! Podcast Overview

Welcome to The Hump! Podcast … your show about how to get one over in this thing called life. We’re middle-agers more than meandering around the Midwest and beyond. Each episode, we share in experiences about how people persevere and inspire — they succeed in getting one over in this thing called life. We chat with people from all backgrounds about their stories of perseverance, whether they choose to leisurely walk the earth, shoot it from behind a camera or scramble for that next connecting flight. Count on plenty of talk about craft beer (or other beverages of one’s choice), the wonder of perpetual cargo-short living and that next SHINY thing we’re obsessing over ….

See our media kit for more information


We’re currently doing remote, online recording only. Expect sessions to run around 45 minutes. We use squadcast.fm for our recordings. You can find a quick overview on how guests can join at: https://www.squadcast.fm/guest/

In short, Squadcast is browser based but you have to use Chrome, Firefox, etc. (NOT SAFARI. We’re Mac users so we don’t get how they don’t include Safari, but we overlook this because the sound quality is SO good).

We also livestream to Facebook, but feel free to come as you are. We’re having you on the show to be you. So whatever that is, bring it. If you feel the need for hair and makeup, that’s up to you. (Still, don’t feel obligated to wear your best pearls.)

Prior to the show, we’ll email detailed instructions and a guest link (both directly and from squadcast.fm too). A couple of notes:


Try to record in a quiet place that minimizes background noise. A closet. A bathroom  — don’t flush, please. It all works.


  • Computer or Phone microphones will work, but external (like a USB mic attached to  your computer) or headphone mic (like the one attached to iPhone headphones) work even better for quality audio. In fact, we recommend wearing headphones to eliminate echo. We may use a camera to help with non-verbal communication, but if it hurts connectivity, we will drop it for quality audio.
  • Please silence telephones, avoid shuffling papers or generally fiddling during our chat. Your mic will likely pick these sounds up and detract from a good show. We want the audience to focus on you and not the distractions.

If you’re slated to appear on the show, you will receive a private link to complete the following online form. Or … you can email this information to prome@sparkcade.com. (Please send to us at least one week prior to your interview. Materials for review — books, games, audio/video, etc. — should be sent 30 days prior):


Guest Contact Info:
Full Name:
Mailing Address (*We plan to send you something nice):
T-shirt size:
Mobile Phone:

Publicist (if applicable):
Full Name:
Mobile Phone:


We don’t conduct pre-interviews because we truly enjoy the authenticity of the moment. At that, feel free to share the following if you’d like:

  • Share a bio or 100-150 words that you might like to have us include in your introduction
  • Provide a topic or two you’d like us to cover (a logline or thesis statement plus a sentence or two). If we’ve reached out to you, we generally have an angle that we’ll share.
  • Do you want to promote something specifically? Please share links and descriptions to those items so we can do them justice.

Email: Paige Rome — prome (at) sparkcade (dot) com
Website: https://www.hesaysshesayskc.com/the-hump-podcast/

The Hump! Podcast Expectations and Legalese:

Interviews are the property of The Hump! We reserve the right to use excerpts of interviews for promotional purposes and retain those rights in perpetuity.

You will be notified when your episode airs on the website — but before we distribute it to social media or podcast distribution platforms such as Apple Podcasts. We do ask that you please share the links to the interview on your social media or marketing channels.

We reserve the right to cancel interviews, edit interviews (without guest pre-approval) or not publish episodes. We typically record the show in triplicate to ensure quality and avoid abandoning an episode or making major adjustments. Audio quality is often the most common of a number of reasons why an episode can be shelved, modified. The Hump! will be the final arbiter on decisions to publish an episode.