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On the week of Chad’s 22nd wedding anniversary, the fellas discuss the married life. How did they each meet their spouse? They chat what they value in their marriage. And is the saying true, “when you marry … you marry the family?” Soon you’ll get to hear the ladies’ reaction in Part 2. This week’s Triple D: What do you call someone who asks you to do something — is never pleased with it — so they redo it anyway?
The fellas chat with Alana Gwinner, Kansas City’s ultimate craft beer enthusiast and proprietor of Eleven Three KC. She keeps the KC community up to date on the local craft beer scene — daily, folks, making her a must follow on Instagram. We talk current Kansas City beer scene and festivals. This week’s Triple D: What do you call someone who likes to stroll into the beer hall or tasting room and name drop the brewery owner?
The fellas talk near death experiences, the preciousness of life and activities atop their respective bucket lists. Luke Perry’s untimely death made the discussion all too real. Hear who wants to dive from an airplane, visit Venice before it falls into the ocean, or sing on the big stage. This week’s Triple D: What do you call someone who travels to foreign land and expects all of the comforts of home?
The fellas finally offer their take on coffee. Is it really the preferred beverage over craft beer? Chad’s stalking of LaColombe’s Todd Carmichael might provide the answer. Ultimately, they chat their favorite local cafes, coffee travel experiences and whether Keurigs are a device of the Devil. This week’s Triple D: What do you call someone who leaves a 1-star rating after only listening to a single episode of your podcast? This is episode is sponsored by the Open Belly Podcast. Open Belly is a podcast exploring Kansas City’s vibrant and diverse food culture. Its mission is to inspire people to break out of their comfort zone and explore new cultures, through food. Go to openbellypodcast.com to learn more.