For Christmas 2015, Becca gifted me a book The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth.

I absolutely love it, particularly the chapters on the history of beer and how the brewing process works (I have a new found respect for the people who can achieve the consistency required batch after batch). In the The Beer Bible, Jeff recommends that if you truly want to learn about beer, you need to learn how to brew it. That’s what Becca and I set out to do.

So Where in KC Do You Learn How to Brew Beer?

I had already heard a little about Brew Lab and driven by it several times, but other than a flight of flancy hadn’t thought about going in. With a goal of learning to brew beer, I got online and confirmed it: Brew Lab was the place to do it.

So what is Brew Lab? Brew Lab is Kansas City’s professional brewing experience — they conduct group and individual craft brew training sessions and one of the city’s home brew supply stores. Sometime in the spring 2017, they’ll move and expand into a brewpub and restaurant.

What Was It Like Brewing The Beer?

Easy. And fun. The brewmasters (in our case super chill Andrew and Elijah) guide you through the process as you craft your own beer. They have an extensive book of recipes. While I really enjoy porters and stouts, I wanted to keep things simple the first time out. We selected a Pale Ale recipe and were off to select and mash our malted grain.

milling grain

Mashing Grain
Mash conversion and lautering station.
Beer Lab Hop Fridge
The hop selection at Brew Lab.
Hop Pellets For Boil
Centennial hop pellets ready to boil.
Beer ferment
Wort separation and cooling. This bottle is ready for yeast and fermentation.
Beer Fermenting
The pale ale is ready to bottle!
Sabbatical Pale Ale
The label … Sabbatical Pale Ale

We had a lot fun. If you enjoy beer at all, I encourage you to check out Brew Lab KC and brew your own batch at least once.


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