April 2020


Minutes before the 2020 NFL Draft, the fellas celebrate their Kansas City Chiefs having the final pick, discuss the draft format and the upcoming NFL season, and brag about the dubious distinction of being excellent liars on virtual game nights. DJ Kay Fan joins to talk COVID-19 DJ plight and spin a track.
This week’s Triple D: What do you call a person who invades your personal space during the coronavirus?”

The fellas celebrate Earth Day with KC Solar Co-Owner Hunter Hoss. We chat how solar panels are an essential item on the survivalist checklist or even a good investment on a suburban home. Plus, they talk about the most ridiculous thing Hunter has done in the name of renewable energy.
This week’s Triple D: What do you call a person who drives a 125 mph in a 65 mph zone because he or she believes the police have better things to do?”

The fellas continue their discussion of how to help small business owners during the coronavirus pandemic. This week, they chat with Iron District Co-Owner Rachel Kennedy. Rachel talks about how their vendors, restaurants are adapting, the launch of a membership program and plans for a big party for when this mess is behind us. Scott Cameron, Beyond The Grey guitarist, joins as our music guest. This week’s Triple D: What do you call a restaurant worker, wearing no gloves who says, “I really don’t believe in this silly pandemic thing”?

After a long winter … like Game of Thrones winter, the fellas open season 2 (safely from the confines of their respective homes talking over the interwebs) chatting about how the coronavirus affects their lives. It’s taken a particular toll on Chad’s favorite coffee shop — Blip Roasters. And we talk about how people can help owner Ian Davis save Blip and, perhaps, win a vintage motorcycle to boot. This week’s Triple D: What do you call someone — especially during this time of COVID-19 — who spits on groceries or packages?