May 2017


A month or so back, Kansas City-based Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU), publisher of the Posh brand of adult activity and coloring books, launched a new adult coloring club and community called Posh Coloring Studio in partnership with Meredith media, publishers of Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart Living.

Full disclosure: Andrews McMeel is a client of Brent’s (and he worked on this project) but thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. 

He: No snark from me this time out. Just some facts about the adult coloring trend and the Posh service. You can insert your own snark about how adult coloring is … a thing … in the comments if you’d like.

Why I’m Excited About Posh Coloring Studio

Both and Brent and I truly enjoy spending time with our kids. And one of my 11-year-old daughter’s (“D”) favorite pastimes is art. When she’s not drawing pugs (a component of every signature of every card she signs — birthdays, holidays, anniversaries … you name it), she’s coloring.

Together we’ve recently colored 404 Not Found: A Coloring Book by The Oatmeal (one of “D’s” favorite games is Exploding Kittens) and Good Dog!: A Dog Lover’s Coloring Book.

And when she’s not coloring on paper, she’s using the iPad and the Apple Pencil. A favorite app of our’s is Pigment.

We all remember the nostalgia of coloring as a kid. Fortunately, coloring is making a resurgence with adults, as well. (Apparently, there are health benefits in the form of stress reduction.).