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Seven or more hours of sleep per night? That’s what the National Sleep Foundation recommends for adults. A half an hour of exercise each day? Those are numbers from the Department of Health and Human Services. One hour to eat per day – says who? The USDA, that’s who. With so many things to do in life, we decided to crunch all the numbers of what the experts “recommend” you do in a 24-hour period — and the total adds up to 30 hours in this nifty time infographic!

Well, that’s life for you: 30 hours of steps to perform in 24 hours of moves. See how we can free up a move for you!

Meet Our Fictitious Player Kari: She Can Relate to the Time Infographic

Kari’s a 37-year-old single mom with two kids: Jasper, who’s 8, and is always playing baseball; and Cassie, a 4-year-old who enjoys finger painting butterflies.

Kari works full-time at a local department store, and loves picking up her kids from school after work. Once they’re all home, Kari feeds the kiddos, helps them with their homework, puts them to bed, and finally makes sure everything is all set for the next day. After that, she decides to spend some time before bed researching 401ks and financial planning. But 10 minutes into her research, she falls asleep. Her 24 hours are up, but the time infographic says she has six more things to do.

Sound familiar?

A Managed Account Can Help You Lifehack a Move

At this point, you’re thinking the same thing as Kari: How in the world can I get all this done? Life is a tough game. We all have hectic schedules and can relate.

We’re not positive whether you can lifehack your way to all 30 moves. But we do know one thing — a managed 401k account is one lifehack you can play to get closer.

So … what is a managed account?

A managed account is a financial service where a participant provides personal information to the service provider and receives a customized portfolio using the products available in the employer-sponsored retirement plan lineup. As the long as the participant continues paying the service, the portfolio will continue to be managed by the service provider.

After putting in those eight-plus hours, commuting to the office and home, helping the kid with schoolwork and the sundry other requirements of life — oh snap! — it’s almost midnight. That managed account lifehack sounds pretty nice right about now, doesn’t it?

And … At The End of The Day … Another Managed Account Benefit

We’ve established that managing your retirement is probably the last thing on your list of to-do’s. And it’s something you should do. Not just on occasion, but on a regular basis to help grow your future savings.

BUT the time infographic clearly established you don’t have time: That’s why we’re here to help. Even better than you managing your own 401k, did you know that studies have shown that a professionally managed retirement account can grow twice as much as one that is self-managed

Think of blooom as your trusty sidekick to help you along the way. No matter what, always remember that we’ve got your back.

So … How Does blooom Get You That Extra Move?

That time infographic, promised an extra move, so here it is …

Analyze your 401k account at blooom.com — a managed account service — for free. If you go ahead and sign up, we’ll rebalance your 401k account to make sure you’re at the correct ratio of stocks and bonds, all while looking to minimize the hidden investment fees that are eating away at your future growth. We’ll then monitor and rebalance your account periodically to keep up with market conditions and your specific retirement goals.

And even better, we’re always here to help provide financial advice beyond your 401k – no jargon, buzzwords, and no catches.

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