We are HUGE fans of the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” So … when the second season was available to binge, we decided to have a Stranger Things Party to watch the first episode of Season 2.

But we couldn’t just have any watch party — we had to dress, eat, and decorate in an 80s theme. When we first decided to host, “D” and I jumped on Pinterest. And it had very little for Stranger Things party ideas. (That has since changed — now there are a lot of great ideas.). Anyway, we used what we could find and added some of our own ideas.

He: The original idea for us did come from a outdoor Stranger Things binge watch session with our neighbors.

What to Eat at a Stranger Things Watch Party

Let’s start with the menu. My mom and I were brainstorming food that reminds us of the 80s. We landed on Sloppy Joes. Then, expanding on the idea of the iconic middle school lunch food, we decided to set up the kitchen counter like a cafeteria.

My mom happens to have cafeteria trays in her basement. I know…not many people have those on hand, but she does. … Along with plastic aprons and hairnets to boot. We not only dressed like lunch ladies, we acted like them too. We slopped a mound of Sloppy Joes onto peoples’ open hamburger buns with a ice-cream scoop then hurried the guests along to get their carrot sticks and tater tots.

He: WHY does your mother have plastic aprons and hairnets on hand? That’s more concerning than anything in Stranger Things.

For dessert, we served miniature waffles with fruit and Nutella. We also had pudding cups on hand.

This is the Sloppy Joes recipe I used. And the really nice thing is that it’s easy in the crockpot. That way, it’s ready whenever your guests are hungry.

What to Wear to a Stranger Things Party

Not only did I dress like a cafeteria lady, I also donned a “Barb” outfit that I put together last minute.

I guess that might be a bad thing that I was able to find what I needed in my closet for 80s like clothing.

I did have to purchase the glasses (I wanted these glasses but ran out of time) that “G” put on later and eerily resembled the Unabomber.

“D” dressed like Eleven from Season 1. She had it ready to go, as it was her Halloween Costume for the year. So she was all ready to look like Eleven in her blonde wig and pink dress. We even put a little red lipstick under her nostril to resemble a bloody nose.

How to Decorate For a Stranger Things Party

We kept the decorations pretty light. And it was really easy to do because I already had what we needed here at home. The showpiece was the alphabet that Joyce uses to communicate with Will in Season 1.

I found an old floral queen sized flat sheet that “D” and I spray painted with the alphabet. When it was dry, we hung it up on our living room windows with duct tape. Then we strung Christmas lights over the letters on the sheet.

Ready For Stranger Things Season 3

I told Brent that when Netflix is out with the third season, I will not be decorating the house with the underground tunnels in Hawkins. Okay, so maybe I could just do the entryway.

But we’d have to start coloring now!

That night was a lot of fun and the second season lived up to the hype excluding the seventh episode (we did not like that one).

He: I think the ENTIRE internet hated episode seven. I understand why it was there from a storytelling standpoint. But it was SO rushed.

Our family binged the entire season in one weekend. Here’s to the third season and here’s to a Hopper and Joyce hook up. I hope Netflix is reading this!


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