Wearing Chico's at Christmas Party
Me, wearing my Chico’s purchases, with daughter “D” and my niece — no, not the one who shops at Forever 21.

Getting older sucks … especially for women. I don’t want to give my age, but I will say that I’m somewhere between “Forever 21” and “Chico’s.” If I’m being real … I’m at the age that I’m too old for Forever 21 and just right for Chico’s.

But I’m not ready to admit it.

How do I know this? If you are shopping at “Forever 21” and you have a story prepared for the salesperson about how you are shopping for your niece who just so happens to be the same size, then it’s probably time to stop shopping there. Women can pull off dressing younger than they are up to a certain age … then it just gets creepy. Yeah…Kathie Lee. It’s time to give up the strapless tops!

The Chico’s Dilemma

Now that I’ve come to my senses, where do I shop? I have gone to “Chico’s” with my mom, but I am just not ready to commit. On my last Chico’s shopping trip with my mom, the salesperson held the door open and said, “Hello, Sue.” And, at first, I was either embarrassed or my inner teen who is just not ready to give up on “Forever 21” started cringing. Then my second thought. They must have great customer service or my mom needs a “Chico’s” intervention.

Anyway, I found two pairs of pants that fit amazingly well. I do have to say I like the way they size their clothing. Say you are normally a size 10. At Chico’s … you are probably a size 1.

The reason I said that ageing is harder for women is because men — IMHO — become better looking with age. Their stages go from cute to handsome to distinguished.

Women on the other hand, go from cute … to ehhh … to OMG … she needs some work. Maybe men age better because they just don’t care and roll with whatever age they are. Women worry constantly and that inner struggle must start to show. Hence my dilemma on where to shop.

The Chico’s Epiphany

So maybe I’m ready to just shop at “Chico’s” and accept my age. I did visit there again shortly after my excursion with my mom and found some really nice clothes to wear to a the annual Amethyst Place dinner that we are attending.

At one point, I walked out in a sweater that was on clearance. Two women started oohing and ahhhing over it and ran (speed strolled really) to the salesperson to find it in their sizes.

I left thinking … maybe I should get a job here!


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