Hey Everybody … This is Brent AND my Invisible friend Chad (don’t worry … he’ll be very real on the show) and we can’t wait to bring you The Hump! … a new podcast from He Says … She Says KC blog network (actually … we’re getting ahead of ourselves with the whole network thing). Each episode … we’ll tell tales and share in experiences about how to get one over on this thing called life.

The HUMP! Will Walk The Earth

So … we’ll chat with people from all backgrounds … whether they choose to leisurely walk the earth, shoot it from behind a camera or scramble for that next connecting flight.

What  The HUMP! Will Chat About …

You can count on plenty of talk about craft beer (or other beverages of one’s choice) … the wonder of perpetual cargo short living … and that next crackalackin’ THING we’re obsessing over …

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We’ll all get over The Hump together …

I said … we’ll all get over The Hump together.


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