Top Golf
You don’t need experience to succeed at Top Golf, just a brew and a desire to have a little fun.

My husband’s thought on going here is that it will only be fun if you know what you are doing, and I am more of a let’s just wing it and see what happens sort of person. I have been asking him about going for weeks and he said not until we can take some hitting lessons. So I grabbed the kids and two of their friends and we went. I enjoyed myself so much that I took a friend back the next day, which happened to be the first day of school so we partook in some adult beverages while playing a round of golf.

Top Golf is a three level high-tech driving range. Everyone that plays has to sign up for a lifetime membership ($5) — and that includes your club rental. Then you pay for a bay and since we went in the morning was $20/hour for six people.

I took “G” and “D” and two of their friends, who were not excited at first according to their parents … but have been asking when they could go back ever since.

For me, I have never swung a club in my life. I mentioned this to the staff. Our waiter and bus boy came over and gave me and the kids a quick lesson on how to swing a club. The only bad thing was they stayed and watched as I whiffed the ball on my first swing.

I cannot say enough nice things about the staff. From the golf cart driver that will take you to and from your car even if you are only parked 20 feet from the entrance. To the bus boy that said “no worries, it happens all of the time” in response to my son knocking over with a swing of his golf bag: three full glasses of pop, the salt and pepper shakers, the menus holder, and sugar packets.

I mentioned something to our waiter about lessons — he sent their PGA pro over to give me some information. One of Top Golf’s instructors came to our bay and introduced himself. He gave me a quick overview of what the lessons entail without making me feel pressured to sign-up.

He also mentioned that they are open year round. They have heaters on the eaves over the bays to keep the players warm and heaters inside the targets so if there is snow on the ground, you will still be able to spot the targets. The first significant snow fall of the year and I will be there. It will be so cool, especially at night because the targets are lit, and to see the lights reflecting off the snow will be awesome.


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