With vacations all but cancelled, the fellas chat about alternatives including inflatable kayaks, RV trips and meccas to Winterfell. Sadly, a trek to Vancouver is no longer. But yes. You can rent Winterfell on AirBnB. This week’s Triple D: “What do you call a door-to-door salesperson, especially during the era of physical distancing?”
The fellas chat bad coronavirus television and movie streaming, former Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith’s return to football, Mother’s Day and whether you should ever wash your eyeballs. Nicole Springer rocks it this week as the music guest. This week’s Triple D: “What do you call someone who assumes you have nothing better to while quarantined so they expect immediate responses to everything?”
The fellas chat with Danielle Lehman, creator and host of the Open Belly podcast. Open Belly is a podcast exploring Kansas City’s vibrant and diverse food culture. Her mission is to inspire people to break out of their comfort zone and explore new cultures, through food. This week’s Triple D: What do you call someone who asks to split up the bill based on how much you ate out of shared dishes?
Fellas interview hip-hop artist Camp Zeroo. They chat his music, business pursuits — 70 Dreams Project — and his pay it forward efforts through the #RunItUpChallenge. This week’s Triple D: What do you call someone who sets up a charity or Go Fund Me account only to bilk the donors and those whom they said they’d help?