For our Fall “Up Next!” we asked folks about a favorite piece of advice.

After our August/September Up Next!, which was was chock full of great book titles, we decided to deliver more concise but hopefully still profound takeaways. See, fall is busy with back to school and the not so quiet before the holiday storm.

Still, with an idea of mindfulness, check out the book recommendations if you haven’t already. We thank our contributors — they’re talented people, doing awesome things.)

He: My to be read pile is now overflowing. Becca would say it was already overflowing.

Not familiar with “Up Next!”? We pose a question to people we like, respect and admire. And we ask them to answer in 100 words or so (plus share a little about what they have going on).

Up Next! Sizzle

There are plenty of places to find something to do in the fall. If you’re in Kansas City, there’s The Pitch or Feast Magazine to name a few.

But with the mid-term elections coming up, who knows what to expect after the dust settles. So … we asked people about some bedrock quotes that shed light on different values and beliefs.

Q: What’s Your Favorite Piece of Advice? And Why?

We gave extra points for a piece of advice that’s probably right but grinds your — or someone else’s — gears. As an example: When Brent tells Becca that “a problem well-stated is a problem half solved,” he usually gets sworn at.

This is what they said for “Up Next!” …

Chad Beland — The Hump! Show

Chad Beland is co-host of The Hump! Show … your show about how to get one over in this thing called life. He is also the Chairman of the Board of DGAF. While drinking beer, he posts on Instagram to cmbkc1, and recounts his travel exploits at webelandingsoon.

Sometimes advice we believe and give, is in part that we failed to heed it when we arrived at that very same crossroads. As I get older I’ve learned that life is best when we are building relationships, stepping outside our comfort zones, and focusing on experiences, not material things.

I’ve been trying to pass this knowledge on to my girls and when I saw this quote from Lucy Tobin from The Evening Standard it resonated with me: “Very few choices can’t be undone, so take a chance.”

My kids are sick of hearing me say it, but challenge yourself, try new things even if scary or uncomfortable. You might surprise yourself and if nothing else you might have a great story to share.

Most Financial Advisors

A favorite quote of many financial advisors is attributed to Warren Buffett, “We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.”

A financial advisor I know has this to say about fear and greed: It (fear and greed) drives “much of our decision-making, but especially when it comes to our finances. Succumbing to these emotions can cause us to buy high, sell low or avoid investing completely which can create catastrophic results in our portfolios. We rush to buy a TV on Black Friday at 50% off, but we become almost paralyzed when the stock market corrects. The best way to avoid giving in to these emotions is to have a written plan, consult with a professional, and understand that markets fluctuate and volatility is normal and healthy.”

If you’re in the market for a financial advisor. I know a couple to consider calling.

The first is John Gantzer at Edward Jones.  He is a husband, father of two boys, and enjoys weightlifting. John holds an M.B.A. from Webster University in St. Louis and retired from the Army after 29 years of service.  You can contact John at (913) 469-0290 or john.gantzer@edwardjones.com.

The second is Brent Hoskins at Focal Point Financial Group. Brent has enjoyed working with individuals and families with their finances for close to 20 years. He loves what he does, and enjoys the fact that he can help people steward the resources entrusted to them to make a difference in their own and other people’s lives. In addition to being a financial planner, he’s also a dad and a husband. He enjoys being outside, playing sports and loves visiting new places. You can contact Brent at brent@focalpointfinancialgroup.com.

Jenny Kincaid Julian — People Connector

Jenny Kincaid Julian is the Owner of Socialworx Public Relations, a media relations firm that partners with CEO’s, executives and solopreneuers to grow their personal and professional brands. After spending more than a decade in working in PR, Communications, and Marketing, and having owned two businesses, Jenny understands what truly drives conversations that directly impact the bottom line. “Relations” is at the heart of any good partnership, and the heart of that is people. You can reach her at (816) 550.4382 or jenny@socialworxpr.com. Follow Jenny on Twitter and Instagram.

I don’t know who actually coined this phrase but one of my favorites is “Don’t half ass anything. Do it right the first time, with everything you have, or don’t do it all!’

I live by these words daily and those around me often have probably heard me say that wether it’s about putting the Tupperware away or working with a client. And since Parks and Recreation has become such a hit, a follow-up to that is Ron Swanson’s “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Think about it…when you don’t go “all in” on something, you’re more than likely going to have to do it over which ultimately costs you additional time and reputation. Save yourself and put your best foot forward in business, relationships, mowing the lawn or folding the laundry. Don’t do something half-assed just so someone else can finish it for you.

Phil Kennedy — Kansas City Entrepreneur

Phil Kennedy is the Co-Founder/Head of Marketing and Strategy at Sift Finance. Sift Finance’s proprietary process seamlessly guides founders from idea to startup success. With offerings for both students (who want to become proficient in the main ‘tool’​ – excel and better understand how to leverage those tools to build best-in-breed financial and valuation models) and entrepreneurs (with tools to help build early stage financial models and supplementary tools, such as capitalization tables), 

My favorite piece of advice, “‘stop playing checkers, while everyone else is playing chess!’ Now, this not only grinds my beautiful wife’s gears, but also past co-workers. Why, because I DO NOT play chess, and I am an average (at best) checker player. But the statement points out a very important mindset.”

Don’t get caught up playing the short game (being reactionary), keep your eye on the big picture and start being proactive about your decisions. Start thinking 2 or 3 moves ahead.

Sam Meers — Marketing Executive

Sam Meers is EVP Health & Finance at Barkley, one of the top employee-owned advertising agency in the nation. He’s also been named an Urban Hero by the Downtown Council of Kansas City for the work he’s done in the urban core. He serves on the Board of Governors of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, as a Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program Fellow, and a board member of KCUR Public Media.

My favorite piece of advice is a quote from General George Patton, “If everybody’s thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”
In most meetings and conversations, people are working to get to consensus as quickly as possible because they have other tasks to get to. Unfortunately, this is counter-productive. If we’re fortunate, someone in the room disagrees and challenges the prevailing wisdom. Too often, we unintentionally maintain status quo because we don’t challenge it.

He: Sam is a must-follow on LinkedIn. He was a bit of inspiration for this post, as he regularly shares wisdom and witticisms there.

Your Proprietors — Hmmm … Our Advice?

We’ll spare you the bio. You can read more at About Us, if you’re so inclined.

Should we pick “better late than never”? This post has been a long time coming.

He: A favorite of mine is Yoda’s “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Nope. A quote from one Kansas City’s famous boys in blue will be our selection. Former Kansas City Royals players and manager Hal McRae once said, “Any (person) who has a mind has the right to change it.”

We refuse to believe people are incapable of seeking to understand an empathize with others and find common ground.

And before you go, tell us a favorite piece of advice …


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