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For June’s “Up Next!” we thought we’d trek outdoors. We spotlight where to go … and what to do this summer. (And thanks again to all of our May “Up Next! contributors — awesome people and things to do. If you haven’t already, go check it out.)

He: What’s so cool was that we got out and tried at least one thing from everyone’s list last month. Well, except for Cathy’s ballet class. As a consolation, we made her our first The Hump! interview guest.

Not familiar with “Up Next!”? We pose a question to people we like, respect and admire. And we ask them to answer in 100 words or so (plus share a little about what they have going on).

Up Next! Sizzle

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This month, the spring rain — presumably — has stopped. So we asked our contributors where they would venture outdoors.

He: And … presumably … it’s still temperate enough that you’d want to go outdoors — at least in Kansas City. Why Chad discusses on The Hump! that swimming suits are required Boulevardia apparel.

And because the kids are out of school on summer vacation, travel season is also upon us. With that in mind, we enlisted not only Kansas City contributors but also some of our favorite people from our favorite places — East Coast, Midwest, Southwest and West Coast.

Want to know what to do this summer? There’s a little of something for everyone. Anything nominally “outside” was accepted, as Brent would argue that dining al fresco or hitting a beer patio is “outdoors.”

Q: Where Outdoors Do You Recommend Someone Visit in June?

This is what they said for “Up Next!” …

Alana Gwinner — Eleven Three KC

Alana Gwinner is currently writing reviews, journaling, and keeping our community up to date on our local craft beer scene. To find out what is happening in our craft beer community, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She is also creating an annual local beer calendar; the first one will debut in August – Tap Tour 2019!

Summertime, what better place to hang outside than a patio! There are several patios around Kansas City that are not only family friendly, but dog friendly as well.

Start your afternoon at Kansas City Bier Co. Their patio is huge! They have live music, great food, and their beer 😍 . Their radler is perfect for summertime in Kansas City!

Then head down to the Crossroads to Brewery Emperial’s patio. It is a great starting point before enjoying your evening checking out art alley or First Friday’s.

If patios aren’t enough outside action for you, you can also explore the four outdoor beer festivals scheduled in June – Westport Beer Fest (June 9), Boulevardia (June 15-16), East Forty’s Brew & Chew (June 16), and Crossroads Beer Fest (June 23). Cheers!

He: No summer VisitKC Tap Tour? No problem. Cheers, indeed!