Could Becca be hiding from her favorite shows? Her listening habits could suggest “yes.”

I’m a HUGE fan of podcasts. And my listenership goes beyond “The Hump!” I know that might surprise some of you out there that I have other favorite podcasts. ; )

Beyond listening to Brent and Chad’s show, what are some great podcasts?

I’ve discovered many that have grabbed my attention. They’ve grown to be favorites podcasts or shows on the hot list. And with me working part-time at the Kansas City airport, the drive there and back is the perfect time to listen. I am always up for recommendations.

In fact, many on my list came from other podcast junkies referrals. But please, more than podcasts by NPR.

So, if you have show suggestions please hit me up. But keep this in mind: I do enjoy my true crime media. 😇

He: Somehow Becca has neglected to mention her appearance on The Hump! to talk true crime or “murder porn” addiction.

My Favorite Podcasts

What are some good true crime podcasts? You get some of what I think are best true crime podcasts of 2018 … and maybe a few other topics. I love how these shows have found there way into pop culture. Here’s my go-to list:

He: I’m also surprised how Becca has neglected to mention — after listening to all these podcasts — she feels prepared for sleuthing. If your cats missing, she’s confident she can piece together to clues to find her.”

99% Invisible

I haven’t listened to 99% Invisible for a while, but I really enjoyed it and learned some interesting facts. One of the episodes was about the Green Book. Not the movie, but the actual Green Book used as a travel guide by African Americans. Before Civil Rights, if an African American was traveling by car, they needed to know where they could stop to get gas, eat, stay in a motel. You get the idea. That’s why the Green Book was written.

My Favorite Murder

Yes. I’m a full-fledged, card-carrying Murderino. If it wasn’t clear already, My Favorite Murder is a true crime comedy podcast. Karen and Georgia have total respect for the victims. The comedy comes in from their banter. They also have mini-episodes where they read letters from their listeners. They get anything from crazy stories about people’s grandmas to something weird that someone found hidden in the walls of their house. As I said, I’m a Murderino for sure … and would LOVE to hit a live show. I often find myself wanting to close conversations with #SSDGM (They end each podcast with “Stay sexy and don’t get murdered!”).


The show you could argue started the true crime podcast craze. And in many ways, ushered in a whole new group of podcast listeners. I was late to some of the fervor. And I’ve been meaning to go back and listen to Serial podcast’s original season and the case against Adnan Syed. Especially now that I saw that a documentary was made about his case. The documentary premieres March 10 on HBO. Before I watch, I’ve got some repeat listening to do.

Dirty John

A referral from a friend of Brent’s. The first season of Dirty John consists of six episodes about the true story of John Meehan. This guy’s story is so disturbing. I like it because they interview his family and have audio from his wedding and other personal events. These moments really draw you into the story. I will warn you that some of it is pretty hard to listen to. Bravo network also recently released John Meehan’s story as a mini-series, starring Eric Bana and Connie Britton. I’ve yet to watch it, but it’s on the binge watch list after I finish The Ted Bundy Tapes on Netflix.


I have listened to about five episodes of the Criminal podcast. I really like Phoebe Judge’s soothing voice. My favorite episode was about Sarah Winchester. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s about how she thought she was cursed by the people who were killed by her family’s guns. It influenced the design of her mansion when she had it built.

My Podcast Next List

Here’s a short list of podcasts that I’m interested in bingeing next. As you’ll see, my listen list contains no shortage of serial killers:

  • Dr. Death The ladies from My Favorite Murder recommended this podcast.
  • Escaping NVXIM — This one investigates the alleged sex cult that claims to be a self-help organization.
  • Open Belly Brent and Chad interviewed Open Belly host, Danielle Lehman, a couple of episodes back. I think what Danielle is doing for local restaurant owners is pretty cool. We attended the Sohaila’s Kitchen event last week. I can’t wait to start eating at the rest.
  • Hell and Gone A podcast about the Zodiac Killer.
  • The Cold Podcast— Maybe the hottest podcast going right now. Cold recounts the previously untold story of Susan Powell’s cold case files. If you are fan of piecing together cold case murders, this sounds like the show for you.
  • True Crime Brewery — This sounds like a fun listen. It combines my true crime addiction with Brent’s love of craft beer.

Plus, there’s this piece Rolling Stone published about the best true crime shows last year. Many of them aren’t in my library.

He: No mention of local podcasts. Hmmm … Perhaps I’ll have to create my own list. In the meantime, kcgeeks.com keeps a good list of Kansas City shows not named The Hump! Need to remedy that, too.

What is the most interesting podcast series you subscribe to?


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