Could Becca be hiding from her favorite shows? Her listening and watching habits could suggest “yes.”

Brent and I love binge watching TV with some good series anyway. But since we’ve spent nearly four of the first five months indoors, we’ve punched through a ton of shows. The Midwestern weather has been something else. First it was the constant snow and ice, and then Noah’s Arc amounts of rain.

So we’ve binge watched A LOT of TV shows. Here’s what we’ve watched. And plan to watch in the next couple of months.

So, if you have show suggestions please hit me up. But keep this in mind: I do enjoy my true crime media. 😇

He: But our consumption has spanned beyond Becca’s addiction to murder porn.

Our Binge Watching TV Show List

What are some good shows to binge watch? It’s crazy, with all of the streaming television, it’s nearly impossible to catch even all of the good shows. Here’s our list:

He: I’m surprised Becca has neglected to mention — after listening to her podcasts and watching these shows — she feels prepared for sleuthing. If your cats missing, she’s confident she can piece together to clues to find her.”

Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

We literally jumped several times. Brent, lying on the couch, even managed some sort of bizarre fish flop during a particularly scary scene. Definitely don’t watch alone.

He: This show does an awesome job of pulling you into the family drama and then just sucker punching you with a jump scare.

Homecoming (Amazon)

I really got sucked into this one. I loved the way they filmed it. By the creators of Mr. Robot, it often felt like I was right in the middle of scenes. The tension worked overtime.

He: Though I didn’t enjoy this as much as Becca, I do love that it originated from a podcast of the same name.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

With HBO airing the final season, Brent begged me to start watching from the beginning. I had stopped watching before because I thought first several seasons were like watching soft core porn. Remember, I like murder porn shows. Not shows for teenage boys.

Anyway, after the rewatch, I didn’t want to admit it to him but I really enjoyed the series. Yes, even season eight. I don’t understand all of upset fans — and certainly no reason to start a petition. If you watched the way I did, you saw where Dany was headed.

Killing Eve (BBC America / Hulu)

I absolutely LOVE this show. It’s so intense. And the childlike nature of assassin Villanelle makes it all the more creepy. Every scene is ominous because her immaturity lends itself to complete unpredictability. And when it goes sideways, it REALLY goes sideways.

Sharp Objects (HBO)

Based on the novel by somewhat local talent Gillian Flynn, this HBO miniseries was SO DARK. The grit of the way in which it was filmed and acting were spot on. But the emotional weight of the series left me thankful there was only one season. The ending was so very disturbing.

He: Surprised I watched this one after Becca cozied up to me during our wedding anniversary screening of Gone Girl.

True Detective (HBO)

Like many, we loved the first season with Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Loved it so much that we gave season two a fair shot. Like many, we were not fans and didn’t finish.

But with Mahershala Ali in the mix with season three, we felt like this thing got back to the first season’s standards. I, personally, had a hard time watching all of the smoking. But this season is dark and draws you in from the jump.

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

This is normally a Brent special. I started watching with our daughter, “D.” It’s definitely “out there” but it keeps you watching because the characters are so well drawn. You want to spend time with each and every one of them.

Our Binge Watching TV Next (Or Restart?) List

Here’s a short list of what’s next when we start binge watching TV. With many of these shows, we either started a binge and need to decide whether to keep going. Or, we’ve been left waiting for some odd streaming agreement reason (The Sinner, you’re killing me):

  • American Horror Story (FX) — Loved the first few seasons. I’ve had a hard time finishing seasons since, but when they tie the seasons together, it’s at its best.
  • Chance (Hulu) — Awesome. Stars Hugh Laurie — we were never big House fans, but have loved The Night Manager (Amazon) as well — as a psychiatrist who falls for the wrong patient and it draws him into a seedy world of San Francisco politics and crime.
  • The OA (Netflix) — The first season was so fresh and original. Beautiful and touching in its human connections. Season 2 … The Octopus … What the …!
  • Ray Donovan (Showtime) — We finished the first three seasons. Will eventually pick back up. While there are likable characters on this show, it’s often not the title character, and the show repeatedly breaks your heart.
  • The Sinner (USA Network) — Finally! Season 2 now appears available for streaming. We started several months back, as They teased with like two episodes. Then poof the rest were gone.
  • Supernatural (CW) — The longest running series on television (next to the Simpsons) has finally announced it will call it quits after season 15. So, we’re picking it back up at like season 7. We’ve written about how much we like the show. Need a palate-cleansing from heavy, this is a good place to go.

What are the most interesting series you’re watching right now?


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