For July’s “Up Next!” we asked what was BEYOND fireworks in July. If I’m being honest … I think Brent confused most of the guests with the question. We tried to spotlight what to do after the fourth of July firework celebrations were over … but most of our invitees only could look at the sparkling display and politely declined our inquiries (as many of them enjoy the quiet of home). (That said, we thank our contributors — they’re awesome people and do awesome things.)
He: If these blog posts aren’t on point, that’s on us … not you.
Not familiar with “Up Next!”? We pose a question to people we like, respect and admire. And we ask them to answer in 100 words or so (plus share a little about what they have going on). Up Next! Sizzle [Tweet “We asked our “Up Next!” panel, “What’s your favorite fireworks spot AND what beyond fireworks is happening in July?“] This month, fireworks pepper the sky. So we asked our contributors where they love to see fireworks. But there’s SO MUCH more to July than fireworks. Want to know what to do this July? There’s a little of something for everyone. Anything marginally “fun” was accepted, as Brent would argue that anything can be made to be fun.

Q: What’s Your Favorite Fireworks Spot AND What Beyond Fireworks is Happening in July?

This is what they said for “Up Next!” …

Chad Beland — The Hump! Show

Chad Beland is co-host of The Hump! Show … your show about how to get one over in this thing called life. He is also the Chairman of the Board of DGAF. While drinking beer, he posts on Instagram to cmbkc1, and recounts his travel exploits at webelandingsoon.
Our girls are older and don’t show a great deal of interest in waiting out a display these days. We don’t live to far from Corporate Woods so when we do plan on watching the show, it’s our “go to” — you can almost see the display from our backyard. We’ll often venture out a couple of blocks for a good view of that nearby display.
Western Auto Building lighting ceremony (July 13)
Even though we live down south — you can count us as downtown dwellers for the first year of One Light’s existence — my wife and I have enjoyed the city’s renaissance. Restoring the light to the iconic Western Auto Building seems like cherry on top of the first phase of KC resurgence. We’ll be there when the lights go on, ready to celebrate … and take in what the city does next.
He & She note: But see if he’ll buy one of the burned out bulbs. You can often find out on The Hump! LIVE  7 p.m. CST each Wednesday on Facebook.
A month or so back, Kansas City-based Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU), publisher of the Posh brand of adult activity and coloring books, launched a new adult coloring club and community called Posh Coloring Studio in partnership with Meredith media, publishers of Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart Living. Full disclosure: Andrews McMeel is a client of Brent’s (and he worked on this project) but thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. 
He: No snark from me this time out. Just some facts about the adult coloring trend and the Posh service. You can insert your own snark about how adult coloring is … a thing … in the comments if you’d like.

Why I’m Excited About Posh Coloring Studio

Both and Brent and I truly enjoy spending time with our kids. And one of my 11-year-old daughter’s (“D”) favorite pastimes is art. When she’s not drawing pugs (a component of every signature of every card she signs — birthdays, holidays, anniversaries … you name it), she’s coloring. Together we’ve recently colored 404 Not Found: A Coloring Book by The Oatmeal (one of “D’s” favorite games is Exploding Kittens) and Good Dog!: A Dog Lover’s Coloring Book. And when she’s not coloring on paper, she’s using the iPad and the Apple Pencil. A favorite app of our’s is Pigment. We all remember the nostalgia of coloring as a kid. Fortunately, coloring is making a resurgence with adults, as well. (Apparently, there are health benefits in the form of stress reduction.).