Welcome to The Hump! Podcast …. In episode 29 of The Hump! Podcast: Chicken … Now Mentals With Jessie Jacob …  hosts Brent Bowen and Chad Beland talk with Culture Guru, Innovation Maven (Innovation Queen) and Podcast Producer for Professional AF … Jessie Jacob. Inspired by a special, virtual clip from Marshawn Lynch, we chat organizational culture, mental health during the coronavirus pandemic and the benefits of authenticity and vulnerability.

The fellas continue season two (safely from the confines of their respective homes using Squadcast.fm) chatting all things inane and profound (have you actually listened to the show).
And this episode’s Triple D: We call out “leaders” who assume you ‘d rather spend more time with your co-workers and less time with family and friends? Mandatory fun, anyone?

The Hump! Podcast Episode 29 Show Notes – Chicken … Now Mentals With Jessie Jacob

If You Missed The First Season

Miss the first season or so of The Hump! Show?

In Ep. 29 of The Hump! Podcast, Brent & Chad Chat Organizational Culture, Mental Health & More

What Craft Beers Are The Fellas Drinking?

Our Inspiration for Chicken … Now Mentals?

The fellas ask Jessie … “What are your thoughts to this clip of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, Jessie?”

And … can you believe it? At one point and time he refused to give interviews. He’s deprived the world of so much.

How Did You Feel Producing a Podcast? 

Jessie had no idea how to do it at first, but she’s excited by the work she does for Professional AF. Is over-professionalism killing us? They explore on the show how the more we can be ourselves at work the happier we’ll be. 
Authenticity plays a big part season 3 … as well as failing forward and owning your mistakes. “A huge part of that is being authentic.” 

What Culture Organizations Are in Kansas City Creating Better Environments?

Jessie’s part of organization in KC that has bought people together to check their mentals … It’s called Culture First KC (which a company called CultureAmp helps organize).
The fellas ask about the purpose of these efforts. They help bring your own personal self to work — you’re more than just your title — and understand how your personal cultures relate to your work cultures.

How Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Opened Up The Idea of Vulnerability in The Workplace?

The group chats whether it’s been a nice reminder that we have stuff at home to take care of compared to where we were headed before the pandemic (American work to live culture stuff).
And are these home Zoom meetings (inviting people into our home with work from home #WFH) bringing us closer together?
Chad expresses his admiration of “Rate My Room” on Twitter. Brent lives in a virtual Zoom ocean most days … and Jessie offers that some people don’t feel comfortable showing their home and that’s also okay! (Now … we don’t explore which “Okay” that is, as we know it has different meanings)
They chat themes and trends Jessie has seen when discussing vulnerability in the Culture First KC conversations. Jessie offers that whether you have a job or not, we are still experiencing trauma to some extent right now. And we should consciously build space for it right now. 

Many are Changing. How Do You Begin to Change The Culture at a Company?

If we don’t align on who we are, where we are going and what’s important to us there’s a lot of room for misinterpretation.
But the alignment isn’t a one-time activity to influence organizational culture. It’s an ongoing conversation. Jessie offers that the dynamic is constantly shifting when you always are adding on people to your team. And it helps to have innovations in place.

How Has The Balancing Act of Reopening Work Places Affected Organizational Culture?

The group chats how the individual matters. What one person needs vs. what another person needs to return to work is very different and challenging. 
Then Jessie provides some Canadian wisdom on organizational culture (Brent and Chad love those Canadians):
  1. You are not “working from home”, you are “at your home, during a crisis, trying to work”
  2. Your personal physical, mental, and emotional health is far more important than anything else right now.
  3. You should not try to compensate for lost productivity by working longer hours.
  4. You will be kind to yourself and not judge how you are coping based on how you see others coping.
  5. You will be kind to others and not judge how they are coping based on how you are coping.
  6. Your team’s success will not be measured the same way it was when things were normal.

The Hump! Music Guest 

No music guest this week, but if you didn’t hear singer-songwriter Nicole Springer on Ep. 28, go give her a listen. So good.

And This Episode’s Game of “Triple D” …

To close out The Hump! Podcast … Brent and Chad play a quick round of Triple D.

What’s Triple D?

They throw out a scenario … and discuss whether it’s a DICK, DOUCHE or DUMBASS move …

This week’s Triple D move — What do you call someone who requires and plans mandatory fun?”

Considering we can hypothetically spend more time with our co-workers already than loved ones, this struck a real nerve with our hosts.

We discuss and debate on the show, but feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments (keep it clean folks, as they reserve the right to delete any personal attacks or defamatory information).

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