Gnome inspiration for The Hump! PodcastWelcome to The Hump! Podcast … your show about how to get one over in this thing called life. Now, to walk the earth.

In episode 3 of The Hump! Podcast: Walk The Earth … hosts Brent Bowen and Chad Beland, two buddies who like to drink a lot of craft beer together, talk all manner of walking — and crawling, beer crawling, that is — on National Walking Day.

But like Caine in “Kung Fu” we stop for an occasional adventure, playing another round of Triple D.

That’s what I’ve been sitting here contemplating. First, I’m gonna deliver this case to Marsellus. Then, basically, I’m gonna walk the earth.

You know, like Caine in “KUNG FU.” Just walk from town to town, meet people, get in adventures.

— Jules (Samuel L. Jackson), Pulp Fiction

The Hump! Podcast Episode 3 Show Notes

If You Missed The First Two Episodes

Miss Ep. 1 – Who Are These Clowns? and Ep. 2 – Death & Taxes? You can watch replays on Facebook or listen to them here: episode 1 and here: episode 2.

In Ep. 3 of The Hump! Podcast, Brent & Chad … Walk The Earth:

The Hump! Ep. 3 Walk The Earth or Breweries

On National Walking Day … Brent and Chad discuss all manner of walking — and beer crawling. They discuss walking down the aisle, March For Our Lives, and how to prepare yourself for a travel hike with Chad.

This week’s round of Triple D has to do with talking, not walking (although it might cause you to walk out): What do you call someone who talks — or sings, even — in the theater during the middle of a movie?

  • Brent and Chad’s Beer/Brewery of the Week is …Canadian Breakfast Stout (Brent had to fly this back from New York City) from Founders Brewing Co. (Founders is highly regarded on both Brent & Chad’s Untappd accounts.)
  • Their Toasts of The Week …
    • A young lady in Chad’s family who took that walk down the aisle in holy matrimony
    • We toasted those who made it out to the March For Our Lives walks.
    • We recorded on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination, so we toasted the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King

… and of course … the boys are out drinking beer on the KC Tap Tour, participating in what they call “catch-up contributions” so they can complete all 19 before the end of May.

This Week’s Topic — Walk The Earth

  • The day was National Walking Day … and we know of no other person who likes to walk as much as Chad does … The boy’s discuss:
    • Where their favorite places to walk are? And why?
    • Where they clocked their longest walks?
    • And … the strangest thing they can recall happening on a walk …

And This Episode’s Game of “Triple D” …

To close out The Hump! Podcast … Brent and Chad play a quick round of Triple D.

What’s Triple D?

They throw out a scenario … and discuss whether it’s a DICK, DOUCHE or DUMBASS move. This episode’s Triple D move:

This week’s Triple D move — Someone who talks or sings in the theater during the middle of a movie?

We discuss and debate on the show, but feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments (keep it clean folks, as they reserve the right to delete any personal attacks or defamatory information).

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